There are several ways to join us on the mountain!

You live and you die! You get into your coffin with nothing at all, so everything you acquire on Earth is temporary. What you acquire, you can apparently use whether you get it in a fair way or not. But why not share it if you can't take it with you anyway and actually have everything on loan. Many people suffer from a severe form of greed. We have acquired the mountain with a house by good saving and then working hard to make something beautiful out of it. It's never finished! Here we want to do all we can to make it beautiful through attention, harmony, vision and work ethic. Please note, if it's not good what we are doing, we will tear it down and just start all over again like if we are building for eternity. We are artists!

"The most precious moment are the moments you share with others”. But without love,  there is no existence. Not everybody is good at sharing but I think we are… Although there are rules: We always work on the basis of trust. If that doesn't go well, we will ask you to leave the mountain.


About Workawayers on the mountain.

There are 2 ways of joining in as a workawayer. You expect board and lodging in exchange for your work OR you don’t mind and prefer to stay on the mountain, share the food and have an open working schedule.


1) This is an organized and structured way of working with board and lodging for a short period of time. It includes breakfast and lunch, water, tea and coffee. This manner is only possible when we are there ourselves and have a project in the planning.

Who is this for:
You work on a clear & short project that can be finished within a few weeks! You have building skills and good spatial awareness. You are a hard worker, social towards others and focused on the end result. You work 5 hours a day, preferably in the morning until 2 am. At lunch we make plans for the next day.


2) A more free and self employed worker with an assignment. There is a lot of freedom in your time schedule but no organized food included. We will all share the food we have amongst us.

Who is this for:
You are independent, you have insight and you like to get a job done, but at your own pace. You are working on an agreed assignment. You do this whenever you want. You have all the skills to do an agreed job. You temporarily become part of the family and you go your own way. You have no problem staying alone on the mountain.

You will sleep in a caravan or tent or in your own camper if we have space. We do household tasks together according to the ‘leave no trace’ principle

Ukulandia 2022