Ukulandia is a refuge in this corana time for people who want to enjoy a beautiful view in freedom. A holiday close to home in the middle of 3 national parks where you can walk or cycle. Once back on location you can enjoy the sun, read a book or play ukulele. There is a caravan, a Casita with private bathroom and camping pitches without facilities for the real die-hard campers.

Creative (work) holidays
in the field of film, music, theater and art

Our goal is to organize creative holidays and moments of total freedom and awareness. Sit down on your own spot on the little mountain we like to share. Look into the valley of the Guadiaro river and try to empty your hasty head and fill your mind with emptyness. The void will help you to rebuild your personality and tranfer yourself to a better and more comfortable you! Of course you can use meditation, yoga, tai chi, sound or body motion! You can fully focus on yourself without having any opinions. Not on anything nor about others. Opinions are suffocating and exhausting. Mind your own bussiness but do respect your surrounding! 

What to do on the hill?

There is no need to do anything BUT feel free to renew your direct surrounding by being creative. Make things beautiful by planting, building, painting, filming, performing, making music or food and creating moments of awareness within yourself and others. 

 Make the song that needs to come out!



Ukulandia is located between three nature reserves. You are completely free and yet only 2 km from the village. MORE



From the house there is a 360 degree beautiful view to the mountains and the valley of the river Guadiaro.


Hiking and Nature

You can take numerous walks in the vicinity in different areas. Short and long distances. You can also watch birds.




With the very lively culture of Andalusia there is always a holiday that you would not have expected .. Then the shops are closed but the bars are not. The next day is often included too, so when the fiesta is on Sunday, then you get Monday to sleep off your intoxication. A fiesta is always a day for which you have to take your time…

Ukulandia Contact

+31 (0) 616508001

Cortes de la Frontera
Malaga, Spain

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